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Dish Network Satellite TV Service Plans, Prices & Packages

Doing some price shopping for satellite TV service for your home, apartment or condo? Look closer to see why DISH Network is your best choice! DISH offers you the highest quality programming with the most plan options at the best prices. You will receive the same channels, if not more, that our competitors offer, but at a significantly lower price. Why pay more for less?!

DISH Network in My Area

Homes across the United States are choosing Dish Network over other satellite and cable TV providers. Enter your zip code to find out what Dish plans and deals are available in your area!

More HD Channels

DISH Network offers over 200 HD channels - more than any other provider. This means enjoying crystal clear images of your favorite TV shows, at no extra charge, for the first 24 months. You will also receive all of your local programming for FREE with every package.

For the sports enthusiast, DISH offers as many sports channels as its competitors. Packages like Multi-Sport Pack, which includes over 25 regional sports networks, from Big Ten Network to NFL RedZone, and Outdoor Pack allow you to customize your programming even further. So whether you are a fan of football, golf or fishing, enjoy your sports all season long from the comfort of your couch!

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Affordable Pricing

With plans starting at just $19.99/month*, DISH Network has a deal that will fit any user’s budget. Whether you have just a few channels that you like to watch, or you are an avid TV viewer with a wide range of TV station favorites, DISH Network has the right plan for you.

In addition to enjoying your favorite TV stations (and maybe discovering some new ones as well), you save money by choosing DISH. The average monthly DISH Network bill is $23.00 lower than DirecTV’s. That’s a substantial monthly savings without having to sacrifice quality or quantity.

Watch TV on the Go

As an added benefit of being a DISH Network customer, you can watch all of your live and recorded TV shows on any compatible mobile device with Hopper Sling! Never be without access to your TV entertainment! Carry your favorite shows and movies around with you in your pocket!

DISH Network offers the great channel lineups that you would expect from a choice satellite TV provider with a 99% signal reliability and 24/7 customer support. Enjoy all of the benefits this leading entertainment provider has to offer when you sign up for DISH Network!