Highest Paid Actors & Actresses in 2014: Earnings Per Second

Total Seconds to Calculate Earnings

What the highest paid actors and actresses in Hollywood made per second in 2014.


Major movie actors make a lot of money, but even most of them aren't making nearly as much as Robert Downey Jr. His starring role in the Marvel Iron Man movies helps him pull in over $2 every second in 2014.

Robert Downey Jr.

Earnings in 2014: $75,000,000.00

Robert Downey Jr. Makes $2.38 Per Second

Dwayne Johnson

Earnings in 2014: $52,000,000.00

Dwayne Johnson Makes $1.65 Per Second

Bradley Cooper

Earnings in 2014: $46,000,000.00

Bradley Cooper Makes $1.46 Per Second

Leonardo DiCaprio

Earnings in 2014: $39,000,000.00

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes $1.24 Per Second

Chris Hemsworth

Earnings in 2014: $37,000,000.00

Chris Hemsworth Makes $1.17 Per Second


America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock was by far the highest paid female actress in 2014, thanks in large part to her leading role in the Oscar winning movie Gravity. Bullock made $1.62 every second in 2014.

Sandra Bullock

Earnings in 2014: $51,000,000.00

Sandra Bullock Makes $1.62 Per Second

Jennifer Lawrence

Earnings in 2014: $34,000,000.00

Jennifer Lawrence Makes $1.08 Per Second

Jennifer Aniston

Earnings in 2014: $31,000,000.00

Jennifer Aniston Makes $0.98 Per Second

Gwyneth Paltrow

Earnings in 2014: $19,000,000.00

Gwyneth Paltrow Makes $0.60 Per Second

Angelina Jolie

Earnings in 2014: $18,000,000.00

Angelina Jolie Makes $0.57 Per Second


Ashton Kutcher made a very wise decision taking over Charlie Sheen's starring role on the long running CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men alongside Jon Cryer, another one of the top 5 highest paid actors on TV. Together the pair pulled in a combined $45 million in 2014, the final season of the series.

Ashton Kutcher

Earnings in 2014: $26,000,000.00

Ashton Kutcher Makes $0.82 Per Second

Jon Cryer

Earnings in 2014: $19,000,000.00

Jon Cryer Makes $0.60 Per Second

Mark Harmon

Earnings in 2014: $19,000,000.00

Mark Harmon Makes $0.60 Per Second

Neil Patrick Harris

Earnings in 2014: $18,000,000.00

Neil Patrick Harris Makes $0.57 Per Second

Patrick Dempsey

Earnings in 2014: $16,000,000.00

Patrick Dempsey Makes $0.51 Per Second


Modern Family's Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV for the third year in a row in 2014. Vergara takes in a reported $450,000 per episode and earns even more through syndication and endorsement deals.

Sofia Vergara

Earnings in 2014: $37,000,000.00

Sofia Vergara Makes $1.17 Per Second

Mariska Hargitay

Earnings in 2014: $13,000,000.00

Mariska Hargitay Makes $0.41 Per Second

Kaley Cuoco

Earnings in 2014: $11,000,000.00

Kaley Cuoco Makes $0.35 Per Second

Julianna Margulies

Earnings in 2014: $10,000,000.00

Julianna Margulies Makes $0.32 Per Second

Ellen Pompeo

Earnings in 2014: $10,000,000.00

Ellen Pompeo Makes $0.32 Per Second