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Compare DISH vs DirecTV: Who is the Best TV Provider?

DISH Network and DirecTV are the 2 big names when it comes to satellite dish TV. They have existed alongside each other for many years. Consumers who are considering investing in satellite TV services inevitably compare both. While there are many similarities between the two providers, there are also many differences. Knowing how DISH Network and DirecTV differ from one another in terms of channels, price, service and technology, will help you make the right choice for your home service. Who is the best home TV provider when you compare them?

Compare Dish vs. DirecTV: Who is the Best Satellite TV Provider?

DISH Network Gives You More Channels Than DirecTV

Best HD Channel Lineup with Dish NetworkDISH brings a variety of advantages to the table when it comes to comparing channel lineups. Its plans are all larger than DirecTV plans. It offers more HD channels than DirecTV, or any other provider. It also offers FREE local programming included in the package you choose. Many popular channels are not available with satellite Internet service, except through DISH. In addition, Blockbuster @Home from DirecTV brings you 3 months of free premium movie channels and streaming TV and movie options. In the sports category, rumors abound that DIRECTV is best, however, when compared, DISH offers as many sports channels for less money.

Dish Television Service Is Cheaper than Direct TV

When you look at packages, you may notice that is looks like there is little difference between these two satellite TV providers. However, in reality, when you look closely at the terms of the contracts and the amount paid out over the life of the contract you will enter into, you can save from $36 to as much as $432 during that period. This is because despite the fact that you enter into a 2-year contract, pricing deals are typically for the first 12 months only. DirecTV has higher base prices meaning the contract total is higher.

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Dish Network Utilizes the Best Satellite Technology in the Business

Dish Network Hopper´┐Ż Whole Home DH DVR Apart from its commitment to cutting edge technology, DISH always brings the very best in features to its users. With more HD channels than any other provider, it brings more crystal clear images than the other guy. It also brings DISH Anywhere, a top of the line app for smartphones and tablets, so you can take your DISH TV service with you wherever you go. In addition, only DISH has the best-in-class Whole-Home HD DVR, the Hopper. Record up to 6 shows at the same time, and hop over the commercials during playback. You also get more storage space with the Hopper, up to 2000 hours, than with any other DVR.

Top-Notch Dish Customer Service Beats DirecTV

When you choose DISH, you get 24/7 customer service, an advantage DIRECTV does not offer. In addition, the DISH Network call centers received top marks in call center satisfaction, outranking all TV providers, including DIRECTV. Not convinced yet that Dish TV service is the best deal out there? Check out our many different TV service plans and packages and see for yourself how much you'll get when you sign up for service from Dish!