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Season 6 of The Walking Dead: The Best or Worst Season Ever?

The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead may be the best or worst season ever for this hit show. So far the results are mixed, but if nothing else, the show has people talking. No other TV series has ever been able to kill off and introduce new characters as smoothly as The Walking Dead. And it doesn’t matter how important the character is to the plot to date. No one is safe, and that has probably led to one of the most talked about developments in the show’s history. Continue reading

TV Premieres You Can’t Miss the Week of Oct 11 2015

Fall TV premieres Oct 11-17

As the weather cools and you are settling into your fall TV favorites, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are still more premieres coming your way. Some are long-running favorites, others are cult favorites, and others are just back for a second season. With four nights of exciting premieres to catch, this is sure to be a week where you won’t be complaining that there’s nothing on TV. Continue reading