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Season 6 of The Walking Dead: The Best or Worst Season Ever?

The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead may be the best or worst season ever for this hit show. So far the results are mixed, but if nothing else, the show has people talking. No other TV series has ever been able to kill off and introduce new characters as smoothly as The Walking Dead. And it doesn’t matter how important the character is to the plot to date. No one is safe, and that has probably led to one of the most talked about developments in the show’s history. Continue reading

Fall Finales – A Winter Break From Your Shows

fall finales

Fall finales are the latest development with the networks. For years, certain TV shows would end their season in late spring with a finale that often left viewers on the edge of their seats.  Apart from that, there would be breaks during the regular season without new shows, with those breaks typically revolved around the holidays, the Olympics and other major sporting events. Continue reading

Fall 2015 Satellite TV Favorites

fall 2015 favorites

Football, football, football – it’s all about football. No wonder so many great new TV shows fade into oblivion every fall – our nation’s TV watching focus is on football. In an effort to learn more about the top TV shows, we went the Neilson website and compared the top 10 TV viewing data for two weeks in October. It was there that we discovered that as a nation, Football has us glued to the TV, more than anything else out there. Continue reading

Hot TV Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching

binge watching TVBinge watching has become super popular in recent years. Most TV shows are available through On-Demand or online today. This means that you are not held hostage by a TV schedule. It also means that you can join in the excitement about any show, simply by doing enough binge watching to get up to date with the show. You may be watching a few shows if it is a new hit or several seasons if it is an older favorite. But whichever, you are sure to enjoy hours of entertainment on your own schedule. Continue reading

Best New Series of Fall 2015

best new series 2015

As I’ve been writing the blog posts of the season premieres this fall, I’ve been intrigued with many of the new shows and have checked many of them out. A few show promise, while others are truly duds. If you haven’t taken a taste of this season’s new TV yet, my summary of the best new shows of fall 2015 provides a great starting point. Continue reading

TV Premieres You Can’t Miss the Week of Oct 11 2015

Fall TV premieres Oct 11-17

As the weather cools and you are settling into your fall TV favorites, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are still more premieres coming your way. Some are long-running favorites, others are cult favorites, and others are just back for a second season. With four nights of exciting premieres to catch, this is sure to be a week where you won’t be complaining that there’s nothing on TV. Continue reading

supernatural TV shows

TV Premieres You Can’t Miss the Week Of October 4

supernatural TV shows Haven And, they continue. Even though we have now had weeks of season and series premieres, there are still more to come. With the exception of Monday and Saturday nights when there are no premieres this week, every other night has multiple premieres. Many of this week’s debuts are from premium channels, and channels outside the standard lineup. Continue reading