Season 6 of The Walking Dead: The Best or Worst Season Ever?

The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead may be the best or worst season ever for this hit show. So far the results are mixed, but if nothing else, the show has people talking. No other TV series has ever been able to kill off and introduce new characters as smoothly as The Walking Dead. And it doesn’t matter how important the character is to the plot to date. No one is safe, and that has probably led to one of the most talked about developments in the show’s history.

Introducing new people in a series means killing existing people in the show and some of them are amongst the favorites. Killing these characters makes the series more exciting and unpredictable. In every season, there are those episodes which are attention grabbers. Because of its history, killing off one of the main characters seemed plausible, and viewers were kept in limbo for weeks.

The Story of Glenn and the Dumpster

The drama around Glenn’s fate as Nicholas dies is arguably the biggest cliffhanger in TV history. At the end of that show several weeks back, viewers were left to believe that Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, was dead. The next show, which focused on Morgan, had Yeun’s name noticeably missing from the opening credits.

After a couple more episodes without his name in the credits, we finally learned this past Sunday what happened to Glenn.  He crawled under the dumpster and distracted the walkers by killing the ones closest to him.

Yet, the fact that the Glenn cliffhanger took weeks to resolve may be coloring the opinion of some fans who are unhappy with this season so far.

What Fans Are Saying

While the Glenn story has created a lot of talk this season, some fans are still not happy with the direction the show is going. Here’s what a few of them shared with me.

  • It is getting to the “OK. Now we just need to keep a storyline going” phase before it dies out.
  • Seems slow, I hope it picks up a little.
  • There’s not quite as much action this season, but I feel like it’s all going to converge soon.
  • I don’t think it’s awful. I’ve liked seeing the same day from different perspectives and the whole Morgan episode was really interesting. There’s not quite as much action this season but I feel like it’s all going to converge soon.
  • My favorite seasons were when they were living on the farm and the prison. I think most people have been getting used to the novelty of this show in past seasons, as it is unlike anything they’d ever seen on TV before. Now they know what to expect, so it feels less exciting than it was in the beginning. The shock value is gone. But I love that we have been learning about the different characters and how we see the same day from different perspectives.

The first few episodes of The Walking Dead season six have succeeded in setting the stage for great drama. If you have not checked the show out this season, you are missing out on great entertainment.



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