Fall 2015 Satellite TV Favorites

fall 2015 favorites

Football, football, football – it’s all about football. No wonder so many great new TV shows fade into oblivion every fall – our nation’s TV watching focus is on football. In an effort to learn more about the top TV shows, we went the Neilson website and compared the top 10 TV viewing data for two weeks in October. It was there that we discovered that as a nation, Football has us glued to the TV, more than anything else out there.

Week of Oct 5

In the top 10 list for prime broadcast network TV viewing during the week of October 5th, football was in 3 of top 10 most watched shows. Established favorites like 60 Minutes, The Big Bang Theory and 2 of the NCIS series also made the top 10. Hot new favorite Empire, the award-winning Fox drama that started in January 2015, made the top 10. Reality shows The Voice and Dancing with the Stars rounded out the top 10 most watched list.

For cable network TV, sports again dominated the top 10 most watched shows of the week with Walking Dead, Talking Dead and American Horror story rounding out top 10.

Week of Oct 19

Things were very similar, maybe even a little worse, during the week of October 19th, with the top 5 most watched shows being football. NCIS was at #2 and #7 while the Big Bang Theory was #5 and Dancing with the Stars was #6. Empire remained the newest show to make the top 10 most viewed TV at #8.

For cable network TV, sports still dominated, with football at #1, Major League Baseball taking up 4 more of the top 10 slots, the Nascar Sprint Cup Race at #7 and ESPN’s Sportscenter at #9.. The only other cable shows that even made it into the top 10 were AMC’s Walking Dead at #2 and Talking Dead at #6, The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News at #10.

With more than 30 new shows on TV this fall, it is no wonder that so few will succeed. Already, some shows have been cut to a shorter season – the sign of death for a TV show. Others have been extended for the entire season. For some shows surviving just may mean making it past football season when viewers turn in to watch other shows.

So far the new Fall 2015 shows that are faring best include Blindspot, Quantico and Limitless. All 3 dramas are somewhat unique and keep you guessing. If you haven’t checked them out, you should definitely do so.

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