Hot TV Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching

binge watching TVBinge watching has become super popular in recent years. Most TV shows are available through On-Demand or online today. This means that you are not held hostage by a TV schedule. It also means that you can join in the excitement about any show, simply by doing enough binge watching to get up to date with the show. You may be watching a few shows if it is a new hit or several seasons if it is an older favorite. But whichever, you are sure to enjoy hours of entertainment on your own schedule.

5 Binge Worthy Shows

Some of our favorite TV shows that are worth binge watching include the following.

Scandal takes place in Washington, DC and is a political thriller. The unique show follows a crisis management firm and its handling of the many scandals and potential scandals brewing in the nation’s capital. The award winning TV show has a huge following and is in its fifth season on ABC.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the hottest TV shows around today. It is in its 9th year on CBS but is available in syndication on various other channels and is also available on demand. The show revolves around the lives of four nerds and their loves. If you or one of the few people who have never seen The Big Bang Theory, check out an episode or two to get a taste of this amazing comedy, then binge watch all of the previous seasons for hours of laughter.

NCIS comes in a variety of different themes and locales. Several of the shows are extremely popular and are consistently in the top 10 shows watched weekly. You can binge watch any of the NCIS shows and have hours on top drama to enjoy.

Empire is a very new but still very binge worthy show. In its second season, Empire is a drama revolving around the hip hop music and entertainment scene. The goings-on of Empire Entertainment, the founder, and his family are at the heart of this award-winning show. The show even has its own soundtrack. With only 12 episodes in season 1 and being only a few weeks into season 2, your binge watching will fly by.

The Walking Dead is the AMC show that has so many people constantly wanting more. In its sixth season, this horror drama series is about the post-zombie apocalypse. It has a HUGE following and is definitely binge watch worthy if you are not already a fan. This one show already has two successful spin-offs.

If you keep hearing about a certain show or are intrigued by our list, you can check them out online or On Demand to see if it’s a good fit for you. Catch up to date with shows that appeal to you through binge watching episodes that have already aired. There are so many great shows that are still on the air and you can join the excitement of fans waiting for the next episode by binge watching to get started.


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