Best New Series of Fall 2015

best new series 2015

As I’ve been writing the blog posts of the season premieres this fall, I’ve been intrigued with many of the new shows and have checked many of them out. A few show promise, while others are truly duds. If you haven’t taken a taste of this season’s new TV yet, my summary of the best new shows of fall 2015 provides a great starting point.

Best New Fall 2015 Dramas

My favorite new drama this fall is Limitless. The main character Brian takes a pill called NZT which allows him complete use of all his brain. By doing so, he is essentially a human computer. The FBI believes that he is immune to the side effects of the drug and has taken him on as a resource. Little do they know that his immunity is provided by an injection from an outside source who has his own agenda. The surprises and subplots of this show make viewers keep coming back for more. Expect this CBS show to be picked up for the entire season.

Code Black is another favorite. The fast paced drama is reminiscent of Grey’s Anatomy. Set in a super-busy ER which is constantly in Code Black – or beyond capacity – it follows the lives of interns and the seasoned staff members who are teaching them.

NBC’s Blindspot has been picked up for the entire season as of October 9th. This show is about a woman with no memory found with new and mysterious tattoos covering her entire body. The tattoos provide clues to who she is. One of the tattoos is the name of a FBI agent, who is charged with deciphering the message found on her.

Quantico, the drama about FBI interns on ABC has been picked up for the entire season as of mid-October.

The Breakaway hit for this year, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, has already been picked up for its second season. The prequel to the major hit The Walking Dead was expected to do well and has delivered.

According to TV Guide, the 7 most popular shows only include 3 newbies: Blindspot, Limitless and Quantico. This speaks well for those shows and promises that they will be around for a while.

Best New Fall 2015 Sitcoms

Grandfathered is easily the best new fall 2015 sitcom. This Fox show is about the developing relationship between Jimmy and the adult son (and granddaughter) he never knew he had. While the pilot left me wondering how quickly it would be canceled, subsequent episodes have been both funny and touching. A unique yet plausible spin on family, this comedy definitely has potential. And some great insider news – 6 additional scripts have been ordered for the show as of mid-October, which is definitely a positive sign for the new sitcom.

Another surprisingly funny sitcom is ABC’s Dr. Ken. When it debuted on a Friday night, I was convinced this show would be short-lived. Being placed in a Friday or Saturday night lineup is pretty much the kiss of death. However, this show about a quirky doctor is showing promise and has viewers coming back for more.

Finding a new show that you love is always a little dicey. Often shows that appeal to viewers don’t get renewed for one reason or another. It’s a little sad when you start watching a new show just to learn that it’s been cut. By starting mid-season, you can at least feel assured that a show is going to make it by checking out whether it’s been renewed or not. Or like so many other TV lovers today, you can discover new shows by seeing what’s popular and binge-watching to catch up.

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